PHIL 101

I acknowledge that all forms of linguistic expression point at the Known, Unknown, and Unknowable. In honour of the mystery, I choose to write.


beauty is a priori — love speaks every language

the mental health crisis is the public health crisis is the housing crisis is the economic crisis is the climate crisis is the humanitarian crisis is an existential crisis


To search for meaning is to find it.

- Forrest Landry


Global consciousness is a thought war in which myriad voices ‘battle’ for airtime. Though platform and delivery have changed over the centuries, frequency of thought, heart resonance, and intimacy with life and nature remain core.

As such, we must speak words + shape narratives that enable good faith communications and release those that further divisiveness and mistrust. Ideally, this orientation towards love unfolds in every human interaction, building continuity and momentum in omniconsiderate action. Without negating the weight of moloch, we each have the agency to cultivate and embody poetic attunement; the crux lies in our choosing it. 



In Zen tradition, an enso is a hand-drawn circle / circular form created with one or two uninhibited brushstrokes that expresses a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. Circles are also archetypal, universal symbols of harmony that naturally reflect inclusivity, belonging, and completeness. The enso provides a framework for my approach to art and life: a mind state that combines the necessary limits of 1st person sight and lived experience, a blank slate of humility, and boundless creative potential.



 multiplicity and interbeing


right action and accountability


joy and connection


reverence for Self + Other


mutual growth and reciprocity


change and practice


shared sense-making